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We are proud to offer Professional Services through our sister company Victory Powerline Services.

Contractor Inspections

 A safe and productive work force is paramount to the success of utilities. More and more of the day to day construction and maintenance is outsourced across the country. Monitoring contractor performance, quality and safety is creating huge demands on limited resources. Our experienced inspectors will augment company resources to provide the over-site needed to maintain construction standards, safe work practices and construction deadlines. 

Safety Audits

Statistics show that presence in the field is key to maintaining a safe workforce. Monitoring and auditing utility and contractor resources to ensure safety procedures and policies are being adhered to is a service we are proud to offer. Safety is very important to OSR and an area we practice and focus on daily. Bring that same focus to your company by utilizing our experienced staff to audit both internal and external construction services.   

Public Damage Cost Recovery

Each day millions of dollars are lost due to the damage done to utility infrastructure from contractor and vehicle accidents. VPS has professionals ready to investigate, document and even bill for these damages. Reduced internal resources have left utilities with a large backlog of events. The greater the time between the incident and the billing being received by the responsible party, the less likely a utility is to recover those costs. Our team of investigators will assist utilities in recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars.   

Street Light Audits

The ever increasing need to streamline expenses and increase revenue is no more apparent than in the lighting departments of utilities nationwide. Street lights burning during the day are loss revenue. Private area lights and street lights not working at night contribute to lower customer service scores and public service commission complaints, again costing the utility money. VPS can quickly and effectively audit your systems reporting damaged, not working and unbilled private area lights. A successful audit campaign will increase revenues, decrease energy and revenue loss and increase customer satisfaction. Take our service one step further and VPS can project manage the repair and maintenance of your systems.  

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